Our goals are the same as yours: to get your manuscript published, to get your abstract accepted at conference,  to get your grant funded. We offer comprehensive support through project management, medical writing and editing, statistical analysis, and illustrative support, all of which are designed to elevate your research to a level worthy of publication in top-tier journals. Our clients receive superior attention from specialists, whether we review a completed poster or escort a manuscript from conception to publication.

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Project Management

Each month, our project managers lead 30 projects through all the necessary steps to prepare them for submission to publication or for conference. We take care of the process so that you can focus on your next project.

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Writing & Editing Services

Our Writing and Editing Department develop materials that speak to editors, reviewers, and readers alike and lead to consistent publication. Journal manuscripts, grants, and white papers are among our specialties.

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Statistical Services

Research is built on ideas and statistics. Our biostatisticians design studies, build surveys, and produce beautiful analyses and graphics that produce higher publications rates in high impact journals.

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Photography & Illustration

Captivating photographs and medical illustrations enhances reader understanding and increase your chance of publication. Our Photography & Illustration Department create and edit images that give your research eye-catching dimension.

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Research Consultation

Often, great research just needs a little push to go from Impact Factor: 2.65 to Impact Factor: 47.66. Our Research Consultation department specializes in designing approaches to research that unlock the complete potential of every project.

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Mastering the basics and exploring the complexities of research are paramount to creating the best possible research. Our Education Department cultivates research teams at all levels—from first year Resident to Principal Investigator.


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