The Best of All Possible Worlds: Why a Medical Writing Company is Your Next Best Step

January 14, 2019 

Why hire a medical writer?

Marketing to clinicians and the public is profitable. In fact, there has been an explosion of resources, products, and CME offerings for every type of clinician and group of people, and this “boom” is expected to continue. This is great because increased competition leads to better quality content for consumers. It also means a good medical writer is more in-demand than ever. BUT just as you wouldn’t trust a multi-million-dollar merger to a single attorney you found in the yellow pages, you also can’t trust single medical writers to deliver the best products on their own.

Having a good medical writer on your team, if you can find one, is a sound business decision, but having a team of medical writers and research specialists on your side is what puts your company head-and-shoulders above the competition.

A professional medical writer is a technical writing expert with experience in medicine and a sound understanding of biomedical research methodologies and knowledge of the current reporting guidelines: this is in addition to publication and reporting practices. All with most career fields, these writers specialize. Some writers are experts at journal submissions and manuscript publications, others specialize in pharmaceutical-industry regulations, others in grants, and the list goes on. Oftentimes, one writer—even the best—just doesn’t have the resources to handle statistical models and analytical sampling, creating graphics and tables that are eye-catching and effective, or ensuring your materials are the most effective for your audience.

That’s why hiring a medical writing company is your best option.

Here is an example:

A company needs to take a new medicine or medical device from concept to market. This requires writing and submitting hundreds of pages of documentation, from protocols and informed consent forms, to clinical study reports, to new drug applications, and so on. To minimize time to market, these documents and reports must be written accurately, efficiently, and without errors—all while maintaining full regulatory compliance.

  • Can one medical writer, or your staff, do this on their own?
  • Is it worth the financial risk?

Around the medical writing community, there is an old joke about the problem of finding an individual medical writer. It goes: “Quick, great, cheap: pick two.” In a nutshell, this is why hiring a company is the best of all possible worlds: you can have all three. All of this and more are why you should give Wilson Carroll Research Services a call.

At WCRS, our Medical Writing Solutions Team:

  • Consists of 9 experienced, global medical writers and 7 other team members in our statistics, education, and support departments;
  • Has writers with demonstrable experience in over a dozen countries, providing knowledge of local regulatory guidelines and the ability to develop communications in local languages as needed;
  • Offers you a single-point-of-contact—giving you the ability to pull together the right team with the required clinical, regulatory, market access, therapeutic area, and/or publications and medical education expertise at no additional strain;
  • Each senior writer has an average of nine or more years of writing experience;
  • Can use a flexible approach to manage and optimize the process for document development to meet client timeline requirements;
  • Is backed by an established and tested infrastructure allowing us to pass incredible rates on to you;
  • Is fully insured, so you know your work is safe; and
  • Offers guidance to clients with expert and open advice on the best approach for clinical documentation, including publishing and submission readiness.


Can your medical writer do all that?  No? Call WCRS today.