Review the Past to Improve the Future

WCRS evaluates existing policies and determines the correct approach for maximizing quality and efficiencies for each policy by leveraging technology and trained specialists.

WCRS Assessment Services


  • Advanced WCRS Algorithms for Classifying Existing Individual Policies
  • Policy-specific Research Landscape Analysis with WCRS Algorithms
  • Customized Policy Document Improvement Plans
  • Peer Coverage Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

How do WCRS Algorithms classifying our existing policies?

We have developed methods and algorithms that allow us to take each policy document and analyze how well it reports necessary information used to determine coverage. Our clinical, communications, and epidemiological teams also contribute insight into this process. This evaluation is represented with a numeric score that allows both WCRS to make inherent and objective observations as to the effectiveness of your existing policies. This in-turn helps us develop a plan with you on how to best improve your policy documents to reflect your determinations.

What is Peer Coverage Analysis?

For each policy, we provide you with a report that details the coverage determinations and criteria, as well as supporting information, for plans whose coverage decisions may affect your regional and national market.

How does WCRS determine which plans are included in our Peer Coverage Analysis?

We include Peer Coverage on the plans you select. Typically, this includes the larger national plans and regional plans in your area.

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