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As the volume of new devices, diagnostics and drugs continue to accelerate on an annual basis, the complexity of medical policy determinations must increase to meet the pace of innovation. This increase in volume and complexity leaves limited time to deliver quality medical policies. Top-tier, cost-effective policy maintenance should not be pain point in healthcare. With WCRS, quality, tailored medical policy documents are delivered at an affordable rate.

Real-Time Comprehensive Policy Maintenance


Value-Based Arrangements


Peer Coverage Analysis

Today, WCRS is the solution to updating medical policy documents. Our three-step process was designed by field experts who have combined years of experience updating national medical policy documents into a value-based program that allows our clients to provide their members with polished, evidence-based policies at a reasonable price.

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Our team of experts support your policy documents through the comprehensive assessment of existing determinations and superior real-time updates using the evidence-based modified Delphi approach. As our client, you not only have effective, up-to-date policy documents that support your coverage determinations, you have reliable, timely-published polices that allow you to stay ahead of the pack and best serve your members.




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WCRS has provided support to many of the largest payers in the U.S., in most cases as the primary or majority support in developing policy documents. Our hands-on experience with the most curated policy materials in the country gives us the tools and knowledge required to produce effective policy documents for plans of all sizes. To support our clients, we have produced novel technology with advanced algorithms for updating policy documents, and our team of trained specialists in medicine, epidemiology, pharmacy, and communication are prepared at the highest levels to update your policies.

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