Covid-19 Statement

A Message From WCRS

As COVID-19 continues to critically impact our communities and the economy, we have seen fundamental changes in every area of clinical development. Daily, we are working with our clients to establish new methods for data collection, laboratory testing, and technology development. WCRO remains committed to these clients and to the development of safe and effective medical devices that will objectively improve the lives of our global family.

To this end, WCRO has developed and implemented steps to help protect the health of our employees and their families, our study participants, and our partners. Additionally, we provide our clients and partners with weekly updates with insights on regulatory, clinical, and economical matters, as well as critical updates as they arise.

While steps to clinical development have changed and are likely to remain so until an effective vaccine can be disseminated, we understand the imperative to continue developing devices and biotech that will improve the lives of those in need today. WCRO will not stop pushing to accomplish our mission: everyday, we will strive for the development of safe and effective technology.

Thank you and be well,