A Bit About WCRS

& What Keeps Us Going

Our team consists of members from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and specialties, but we all share one passion: doing our part to better the medical community by bettering the research it produces. By working hard, buckling down and channeling this passion together, we have built a company that can accomplish more than we ever could separately.


Chandler Wilson Carroll

Client Coordinator

Lynn Morales

Client Coordinator

Marie Goldberg

Client Coordinator

Colton Shadrick

Research Specialist

Dwayne Lawrence

Research Specialist

Diane Neil, PhD

Head Biostatistician

J. Adams, PhD


Callie FerrelL, PhD

SAS Programmer

Karen Davis, MS

Principal Medical Writer

Katie Caldwell, PhD

Principal Medical Writer

Abby Thomas, MA

Regulatory Medical Writer

Annie Dill, MA

Education Specialist

Nelle Maxwell

Education Specialist

Jon Tuckerson, MS

Medical Illustrator/ Photographer

RachelBeth Campbell

Administrative Assistant

Marissa LeCleric

Grant Writer

Jarod Daily

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Better Research & Tomorrow

Not only are we dedicated to enriching the medical research we are handed today, we are committed to enriching the future of research by supporting programs, schools, and charities that do such much to support the community. A portion of all of our profits goes to developing classrooms, building programs, and breaking barriers for tomorrow’s researchers.